ASUS Strix 1080 GTX

Many things put this graphic card in front of the competition, and we will list some of the most important things here:

-DirectCU III, together with patented fan wings, provide even 30% better cooling and triple time work.

-Memory Clock is at 10010 MHz

-Base Clock on 1632 and Boost Clock at 1771 MHz and with GPU Tweak II configurable for the most demanding gamers

-2x HDMI, 2s Display port and 1x DVI-D

-AURA RGB lighting with 16 million colors

As far as the performance is concerned, we will not bother you with boring charts and comparisons, but we will only tell you that on average they achieve 7% more fps than any competing graphics card. Also, while playing on high resolutions with extremely demanding video settings, the temperature of the graphics card often can be higher than the processor temperature, and the fans at the cabinet take exactly the processor temperature as a reference for operation. This results in inefficient cooling of the whole system, so the engineers of Asus have found a great solution. On the graphics card there are 2 four-pin connectors that can be connected to the fan on the cabinet itself, thus further cooling the cabinet and improving the performance.