Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L

Mouse company Cooler Master, once with CM Storm brand and today under the direct nomenclature of manufacturers, a good choice for all remotely demanding users. The combination of a very good price in relation to what is obtained, well-designed software, real performance and quality of production has made the gaming population recognize exactly these products as very desirable. For the upcoming autumn is Cooler Master has prepared a new series of gaming mice, whose first and also the best representative finds its way to us.

Already when opening the packaging it is clear that MasterMouse Pro is something special compared to the rest of the market offer. In the package, one more back and a pair of lateral elements are obtained, which clearly indicates that the subject can be changed. If it is not a simple reservation, careful attention is becoming clearer because one back is longer than the others. The mystery is clarified by the information that it is about two pairs of additives, where one is intended for the Palm grip grip, and the other Claw grip the way of holding. When we have in mind that this is a symmetrical mouse, it becomes clear that users will have at their disposal a wide range of adjustment and adaptation to its own form of use.


There are 8 programmable mouse buttons, one of which is the Storm TactiX button. The TacticX is responsible for changing the behavior of individual keys and allowing access to secondary functions. So effectively you have a 14 + 1 button, if you need something like that at all. What may be needed for some players is access to additional functions via this key, such as Rapid Fire.

Full RGB lighting is supported. In practice, this means that you can choose any 16.7 million shades. However, we like the fact that despite this, the mouse does not “slam” too much, because the lighting is very discreetly fitted. Glowing bright narrow strip at the position end of the root of the palm fist, then tape the inside of the wheel, and parts of the front side buttons, which can all be individually adjusted precisely.

Overall, the mouse simply works perfectly. Everything is done without any troubles or any problems. The only thing we would change to this model is the position DPI switch. If you want to change the sensitivity on the fly, you must “seek” at the bottom of the mouse. It can be awkward if, for example, you want to switch sensitivity from the one on which you are used to holding Kalashnikov to the one on which you are used to holding a sniper in CounterStrike. It’s not a big problem, but this should be pointed out. If you wish, you can assign a DPI switch function to another key.

Cooler Master is already an established name in the world of gaming mice, with some models that intimate feel best on offer in a particular price range. To make things even better, the manufacturer is not afraid to experiment, try new things, fill models offer very similar features and price, so that even the most players have a great selection. How much this affects the profitability and business of a company, we can not know it with certainty, but we welcome business practice in which, at the end, the ordinary user has clear benefits.