Gaming Challange 2016 recap

UIn the final they met the team and Kappapride Overrated, and after a very exciting game Overrated claimed victory by 2: 1.
These two teams are also the first to secure their place in June, and in addition to the placements, the winner also won the Cerberus mice provided by Asus, as well as a 20,000-dollar voucher for the purchase at Ultra Center Galactic.
In no less exciting battle for third place team Reformed Ones beat Kings of Kings Lords of Lords score of 2: 1.
The whole event was broadcast live via the online streaming platform TwitchTV with a quality production that we had the opportunity to see at the Fortuna Fireside Gathering.
The tournament was also available on-site at a café or a small cinema, and Coca-Cola’s main sponsor of the tournament gave everyone a refreshment!
If you missed the action, you can catch the recap here:Scores: round by round and interviews: stream VOD: 
Already on Staruday, May 7, the second 1v1 tournament will be held (more info:…/1v1-gaming-challenge-2016-maj), and on May 28th teams will again have the opportunity to place themselves on the final tournament and win some nice prizes along the way.